Fic: Another Notch

Title: Another Notch | AO3
Wordcount: 514
Rating: Mature
Pairing(s): Mary/Tosh
Summary: Tosh decides to experience what shagging Mary the Arcateenian is like. Set around "Greeks Bearing Gifts."

For Porn Battle and Trope Bingo.

Fic: The Library

Title: The Library
Rating: NC-17
Pairing(s)/Character(s): Tosh/Suzie, Gwen/Suzie, Jack, Owen
Warnings: graphic violence and noncon; also contains mentions of domestic violence, child abuse and sexual content
Spoilers: up to "They Keep Killing Suzie"
Summary: One of Tosh's devices is the key to completing Suzie's biography, but it's more than she bargained for.

For reel_torchwood.
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Participants Wanted! Tomorrow Sign-Ups Close!

Sign-Ups for this year's annual Winter Fest (anonymous fic/art exchange) at torchwood_fest are underway! But they close tomorrow, Friday, August 10th. If you are debating on participating now is the time to sign-up! Time's running out.


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Sign-Ups for our Winter Fest have Begun!

Sign-Ups have started for this year's 3rd annual Winter Fest at torchwood_fest! Sign-ups are going on until Friday, August 10th, so don't delay!

Make sure you check out the rules and guidelines for fest for specific things like the timeline, rules and headers!

Why can't I view the entries?
Because this fest is for MEMBERS-ONLY. You need to become a member of the community first. If you aren't a member click Join on our profile page (a quick way to get there is by clicking on the banner below). But please have an AGE STATEMENT on your own profile!

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Torchwood Art Fest is now taking submissions

Do you like to:
• Create fanart?
• Make icons, layouts, wallpapers or mood themes?
• Make baked goods like cakes?
• Create crafts and jewelery?
• And more??

Then consider participating in this year's Art Fest at torchwood_fest. All forms of artwork are welcome!

To see the timeline, rules and FAQ click here. The fest ends on July 31st.

To become a member of the comm you must have an age statement on your profile page or message the mods